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  TOPS Products — Print & Packaging
TOPS Products: Example Project, Web & Interactive

I worked for TOPS Products for nine years. A big part of my job was print and package design.

Packaging — OneStep Index System
Since OneStep Indexes are available in several different tab counts and colors, it was important to develop a theme that would make differentiating the products easy. Working closely with a photographer and brand manager, I created package designs on a project that required learning the product and developing a system that can be used on several related products.

Packaging — Twist Ring Binder
The Twist Ring Binder, which opened by twisting the middle ring, was a new binder for the back-to-school market. I developed and applied the illustration. For this project I worked with a photographer, child actor, and a brand manager on creating collateral materials.

Print Collateral — Sales Tools
I designed many promos and buying guides for the sales staff. Below is an example of a promo. It was important that designs were able to fit on a single sheet of paper, have a margin for easy printing, declare an attractive message, and provide all product details and purchasing information. These projects included working with a sales manager and a brand manager.


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